Radio Bronski & the Additives

Mit On Air schicken Radio Bronski im Dezember 2014 ihr erstes gemeinsames Release in den Äther. Auf 10 Songs führen BlizzyIzzy und Der Kolibri durch ein Programm aus Alltagsgeschichten und Fantastik, Synthies und Samples, Resignation und Aufbruchsstimmung. Dabei sorgt Zac Bronski mit einem atmosphärisch dichten Soundbild für die passende instrumentale Untermalung und liefert einige musikalische Highlights abseits der Rap- und Gesangspassagen. Textlich tief und von Pointen durchzogen, verbindet das Album den Soul und Charme alter Radio Shows mit dem breiten Spektrum modernen Deutschraps.

Hey! Thats my bike


Seit 2 Jahren balancieren H,TMB zwischen dem Ende der Welt, dem Anfang einer Affäre und schwarzem Humor. Das alles in akustisch-poppigem Gewand.Milena, Hendrik und David kommen aus dem Wedding, machen Musik im Wedding und haben Freunde in der Umgebung – vom Wedding. Sie erzählen Geschichten in denen Zombies sich verlieben, Vampire nicht auf Parties gehen und das Ende der Welt im Afro-Beat heranrollt. „Hey, That´s My Bike“ drehen an den inhaltlichen und musikalischen Standards: süße Stimmen und harte Beats. 300 Liter Text-Blut im Country-Aufzug. Man könnte von Schizophrenie und schlimmerem ausgehen. Aber es ist alles ein großer Spaß!

St. Beaufort

St. Beaufort

St. Beaufort is an international trio from Canada, Germany and the USA. Musically influenced by folk traditions of European immigrants and North American pioneers, the band has embarked on an adventure of sorts, travelling the Old Countries, the places where those traditions were bred. They set off to find their own Northwest Passage, going backwards though, not from Europe toward the Indies, but rather from the New World back across the Atlantic. The band carries elements of the North American Frontier to be renewed in the context of their European heritage. Instead of a ship or a wagon, their vehicle is the strum and pluck of a guitar, banjo, and mandolin, three-part vocal harmonies, and the occasional company of a blues harp or an inherited accordion.
The legendary journey and subsequent disappearance of the intrepid Captain John Franklin before he reached the Beaufort Sea in the Arctic inspired the trio to embrace this spirit: a quest of discovery, the search for a new passage to an old place in traditional music. The music continues to seek a return to our roots, inspired by a hunger for the wild, but under a new banner of divine adventure.





synthesizers vocoders love worldpeace and electronic music


Reisegruppe Schleierhaft

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A collective of friends from berlin, who love playing and sharing music from afrobeat to techno.
Their sets are recorded individually or together to make you dream, fly or shazam it with your booty. We hope you can enjoy it.



Michael Brinkworth & Band (WreckHeads)


The psyudo combination on alt-country thrown in the blender with no-holds-barred Blues Rock.



This band was born out of the solo songwriter project „Kini MOD“. It has developed an own identity and will be called Fe-Hou from now on. Kini MOD will continue to exist in parallel reclaiming its roots.
We had to say goodbye to our beloved Violin Judith and to overcome some structural difficulties during the last months. Now we are very happy to say hi to our new member Aurélie who will play the cello from now on.

Whisky & Rhymes


Drinking Whisky & singing Rhymes awakes the devil in your mind..